Greater Opportunities to Be Provided for Secondary Tourism Destinations

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Srettha Thavisin stated that the Government aims to provide greater opportunities for secondary tourism destinations, so that they would draw more attention from domestic and foreign tourists.

Speaking at a session of the House of Representatives on 8 February 2024, the Prime Minister explained that the Government wanted to promote tourism in secondary cities nationwide in order to better distribute tourism income.

In this regard, various “soft power” projects have been carried out, such as the organizing of festivals in both primary and secondary cities throughout the year. He cited the development of transport networks as an important issue that would help boost tourism in secondary cities.

The Government has a plan to upgrade airports across the country. It will also consider the possibility of developing airports in the secondary cities that have no airports but have great potential for strong growth. This will facilitate the travel of both Thai and international tourists and enable secondary cities to serve as connecting points to other places, including the neighboring countries.

The Prime Minister said that the Thai government did not regard neighboring countries as competitors. Instead, Thailand and its neighbors should promote one another for common development, such as in the fields of tourism and aviation.

He believed that Thailand’s secondary tourist cities could offer diverse tourism products and services in response to the demands of tourists. As he has traveled across the country, he has seen many interesting local cultures and traditions that could be exposed to tourists and could create greater opportunities for local people.

The Prime Minister said that the Government has been launching many projects to stimulate tourism, which is seen as a quick win, providing long-term benefits for the country.


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