Various Activities to Celebrate HM the King's 6th Cycle Birthday

People have been invited to join various activities being prepared for the celebrations on the auspicious occasion of His Majesty the King's sixth-cycle (72nd) birthday anniversary this year.

Speaking at a press conference on 9 February 2024 at Government House, Deputy Prime Minister Somsak Thepsutin gave a briefing on activities to be organized on this special occasion. Mr. Somsak chairs the Committee on Ceremonies and the Committee on Projects and Activities for "The Celebrations on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary 28th July 2024."

He stated that, among the ceremonies to be held on behalf of the Government will be the consecration of the sacred water to be present to His Majesty the King, religious ceremonies performed by five major religions, chanting of Buddhist holy texts, the Ceremony of Taking Oath of Allegiance, the candle-lit tribute-paying ceremony, the garden party in honor of His Majesty the King, and the royal barge procession along the Chao Phraya River to present kathin robes to Buddhist monks at Wat Arun.

As for projects and activities to be carried out on this auspicious occasion, in the initial stage, they are divided into two groups. The first group comprises projects and activities proposed by the Government, which include (1) the ordination of Buddhist monks, (2) the production of commemorative coins, commemorative medals, and commemorative medals on ribbon bands, (3) the production of commemorative stamps, (4) the issuance of commemorative banknotes, and (5) the bringing of the holy relics of the Buddha and two chief disciples of the Buddha (Sariputta, and Moggallana) from India to be temporarily enshrined in Thailand for people to pay homage to.

The second group consists of projects and activities, proposed by government agencies, such as the bringing of doctors to the people, carried out by the Ministry of Public Health, and the 10th walking, running, and cycling event to prevent paralysis, organized by Siriraj Hospital.

The private sector has also been invited to propose projects and activities in honor of His Majesty the King, taking into consideration suitability, necessity, and benefit to society.

Minister Attached to the Prime Minister’s Office Puangpet Chunlaiad, who chairs the Committee on Public Relations for the Celebrations, said that public relations campaigns on the celebrations have been launched since 1 January 2024. Radio Thailand and NBT television network have also broadcast articles on His Majesty the King’s life and work. The public may also find information on the celebrations through the website, which is operated by the Government Public Relations Department.


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