Satun University in the Deep South to Focus on Science and Technology

Satun University, soon to be established in the southern border province of Satun, intends to place its focus on science and technology, in response to the demand of the people, especially youth, in an era when technology and innovation are advancing.

The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) on 18 January 2024 held a meeting in Satun to discuss the Satun University project with experts from educational institutions and representatives from relevant organizations.

The establishment of Satun University, scheduled for 2023 to 2029, had been approved in principle by the Strategic Committee for the Development of Southern Border Provinces. SBPAC is the responsible agency for this project, aimed at upgrading the quality of education in the deep South.

The meeting stressed that there would be no merger of educational institutions in establishing Satun University. Instructors and lecturers from five institutions will join hands in education management at this university. The five institutions include Songkhla Rajabhat University Satun Campus, Satun Technical College, Satun College of Agriculture and Technology, Satun Community College, and La-ngu Industrial and Community Education College.

Satun University will emphasize interdisciplinary studies on the basis of the social landscape for research, education, academic services and promotion, and the adaptation of knowledge and technology. Cooperation between Thailand and Malaysia under the twin-city project will also be used to support Satun University.

Study programs at the university will include agricultural and food innovation, automotive and energy engineering, data management, tourism industry and services, health care (especially for older persons), and educational and local innovation.

The meeting also proposed that study programs necessary for the locality need be opened, such as those concerning fishing, shipbuilding, and others. SBPAC will listen to the views of various sectors before submitting the project to the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation. 


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