New Thai PM makes government policy announcements to Parliament

On 11 September 2023, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin gave the policy declarations of the Council of Ministers to Parliament. The Prime Minister claims that the government has a policy to support and uphold the King and to promote faiths as a means of enhancing moral character and ethics. The government's plan to distribute 10,000 baht in digital currency will be put into practice in order to support the country's economy. This will be done by liberally and fairly pumping money into the system to ensure that it reaches the base of the economy. Urgent, medium-term, and long-term policies have been established to categorize policy instructions for the management of state affairs. The government has created short-term initiatives to encourage spending, deal with people's current issues, and rekindle the development engines. Aiming to develop people's capability through generating income, cutting costs, expanding possibilities, eliminating disparities, and advancing a higher standard of living for all Thais, medium- and long-term plans are also being developed. Regarding medium- and long-term plans, the government works to provide opportunities, improve public health, promote equity and equality, among other things, and encourage the use of digital and technological advancements.


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