Suvarnabhumi Airport Boosts Capacity with New Runway

Transport Minister Suriya Jungrungreangkit​​ has revealed that Suvarnabhumi Airport's operational capacity is expecting a significant increase with the anticipated completion of its third runway in July. 

According to Suriya, the expansion is expected to elevate the airport's flight handling capacity from 67 flights per hour to 94, a crucial step towards bolstering Thailand's status as a key aviation hub in the region. The third runway, located to the east of the current runways, will come with its own passenger terminal and other airport facilities.

In line with efforts to upgrade its facilities and services, the airport recently celebrated the opening of the Satellite 1 (SAT-1) passenger terminal. This development has already started to show positive outcomes, with 13 airlines currently operating from the new building.

The introduction of the SAT-1 terminal has significantly contributed to the increase in flight operations at Suvarnabhumi, with the daily number of flights serviced by the new terminal rising to 86. Officials said this figure is projected to climb to 112 flights per day by the end of the month, highlighting the successful integration of the new facility into the airport's overall operations.


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