Thai Parliament Considers Integrated Entertainment Complexes to Tackle Illegal Gambling and Boost Economy

During a recent session of the House of Representatives, the special commission on the study of creating integrated entertainment complexes to address illegal gambling and stimulate the economy recommended that the government should collaborate with the private sector. 

It stressed the importance of public involvement and the legalization of specific gambling forms, such as Thai boxing.

The study concluded that these complexes could lower unemployment rates and curb illegal gambling, though they might also lead to potential negative effects like addiction and crime, possibly clashing with religious morals.

The debate in the House of Representatives saw divided opinions. Supporters believed it would curb illegal activities and boost the economy, while critics doubted its effectiveness in addressing illegal gambling.

The vote in the parliament was contentious but ultimately concluded with unanimous approval, tallying 253 votes in favor. The report will now be sent to the government for further evaluation.


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