Thai Senate Reviewing Equal Marriage Bill

The Thai Senate is reviewing the Equal Marriage Bill, with a 60-day consideration period, after receiving it from the House of Representatives. 

A significant number of members support the bill, which seeks to recognize the rights to form diverse family structures, despite some concerns about moral implications and religious sensitivities.

Wanchai Sornsiri, from the Senate Committee on Religions, Ethics, Arts, and Culture, highlighted the need to increase awareness among religious adherents about the formation of gender-diverse families. He proposed that societal measures and policies be developed to facilitate the law's implementation and the acknowledgment of new family configurations.

Several senators emphasized the critical need to promote equality and accept sexual diversity within society, viewing the rights extended to the LGBTQIA+ community as a stride towards achieving justice and gender equity.

The meeting concluded with broad approval of the bill, and the decision to form a special committee tasked with studying and proposing further amendments to the legislation. This decision underscores the council's commitment to fostering a society that genuinely embraces and supports sexual diversity.


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