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15 May 2015 (Readers 1836)

One of the national housing schemes in Brunei Darussalam
The Resettlement Programme
The Government of His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam in implementing its policy in providing all its citizen with proper accommodation in a pleasant environment, with the citizen households owning their own houses, various schemes have been introduced as early as the 1950s.
The resettlement programmes began as early as 1951 when the residents of Kampung Bendahara Lama of Kampung Ayer were resettled to Bunut Resettlement Area in Mukim Kilanas of the Brunei-Muara District. Two years later, in 1953, similar resettlement was also carried out for residents of Kampung Burong Pingai Berakas, Kampung Pancha Delima, Kampung Pengiran SiRaja Muda, Kampung Anggerek Desa and Kampung Orang Kaya Besar Imas, all of which are in Mukim Berakas of the same district. In 1954, resettlement was also carried out for Kampung Jaya Setia and Kampung Jaya Bakti, both in Mukim Berakas.
In the 1960s, the government built two-housing estates in Berakas, namely Kampung Setia Bakti and Kampung Jaya Bakti for some of Kampung Ayer (water village) residents who accepted government offers to resettle them to the mainland.
Terrace types housing scheme
A nationwide survey was conducted in 1970s to identify the peoples housing needs. Hence as a result, the first of many housing schemes, the Lambak Kanan National Housing Scheme in the Brunei-Muara District was introduced covering a site of about 810 hectares where 84 houses under Phase One had been completed and allocated to the successful applicants in early 1986.
More similar and other housing schemes were introduced since then which include the Landless Indigenous Citizens Housing Scheme (STKRJ), Temporary Occupation-of-land License (TOL) and Infill Scheme (IS).
Housing Scheme Introduced
Through the National Development Plan 2007 2012 more housing projects in Brunei-Muara District had been introduced such as Resettlement and Housing Schemes for Kampung Rimba, Kampung Meragang, Kampung Tanah Jambu; National Housing at Kampung Lambak Kanan, Kampung Mentiri, Kampung Tanah Jambu, Kampung Rimba (additional areas) and Kampung Salambigar; Relocation of Kampung Ayer Scheme at Kampung Lumapas A; Landless Indigenous Citizens Housing Scheme at Kampung Sungai Buloh/Tanah Jambu and Katok B; and Relocation of Kampung Ayer Scheme at Kampung Katok B.
Similar housing programmes were carried out in the other three districts; in the Tutong District namely the Bukit Beruang National Housing Scheme; Kampung Lugu Landless Citizens Housing Scheme; and Kampung Telisai Landless Indigenous Citizens Housing Scheme.
In the Belait District namely the Kampung Pandan, Kampung Sungai Liang/Lumut and Kampung Lorong Tengah Seria National Housing Scheme and Kampung Mumong Landless Indigenous Citizens Housing Scheme.
Lastly, in the Temburong District namely the Kampung Rataie Landless Indigenous Citizens Housing Scheme. Beside these, Temburong District also hosts five longhouses for the Iban ethnic namely Kampung Sibut Longhouse, Kampung Sumbiling Baru Longhouse, Semabat Longhouse, Amo Longhouse and Lepong Baru Longhouse.
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