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60th Anniversary of the Royal Rainmaking Project

12 November 2015

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is joining hands with other relevant agencies in organizing an exhibition in honor of His Majesty the King, who is recognized as the "Father of Royal Rainmaking.
The exhibition also marks the 60th anniversary of the Royal Rainmaking Project. It is also in observance of "Father of Royal Rainmaking Day, on 14 November and celebrates His Majesty the Kings 88th birthday anniversary this year.
Director-General of the Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation Lersak Riewtrakulpaiboon said that the exhibition takes place from 12 to 15 November 2015, between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at the Government Complex on Chaeng Watthana Road in Bangkok.
Apart from providing the public with knowledge and information about His Majestys initiatives in rainmaking technology to help people suffering from drought, the exhibition also features knowledge sharing in agriculture and a bazaar of community products.
Most Thai farmers have to wait for seasonal rain to grow crops, and they are at times faced with difficulties from drought. During his travels to all parts of the country, His Majesty the King found that drought had become more severe in certain areas of the country and rainfall was inconsistent.
Early in his reign, His Majesty became interested in artificial rainmaking to assist farmers, who are very dependent on rainwater for their cultivation. At this point, he began to study rainmaking techniques to seek ways of bringing down more rain to ease the drought situation. He read research work on meteorology and weather modification, which he found useful for combating weather change.
In 1955, when His Majesty visited northeastern provinces, he looked at the sky and saw a large number clouds moving over the vast, arid area of the Northeast. The initial conception arose from his observation that there was no rain despite heavy cloudiness. He wondered how to make the clouds heavier and turn into rain. This idea was the starting point for his efforts to conduct rainmaking operations, which proved successful in 1959.
On 14 November 1955, His Majesty donated his private funds to launch the Royal Rainmaking Project. He also devoted a great deal of time and energy to develop rainmaking technology. The project serves as a model for many Asian countries, which have asked for assistance from Thailand in rainmaking.
His Majestys technique was registered with the World Meteorological Organization in 1982, and since then, Thai and foreign experts have continued to exchange views and experiences on rainmaking techniques and technology.
Later, the Cabinet in August 2002 endorsed the proposal by the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives for the title of the Father of Royal Rainmaking to honor His Majesty the King. It also agreed to designate 14 November each year Father of Royal Rainmaking Day.
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