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Exhibition in Honor of Her Majesty the Queen as One of the Worlds Leading Conservationists

12 August 2016 (Readers 2260)

The Royal Irrigation Department is organizing a major exhibition in honor of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, under the theme "Water Conservation for the Mother of the Land. The exhibition is meant to celebrate Her Majestys 84th birthday anniversary this year.
It takes place at the Irrigation Engineering Center Building on Sam Sen Road in Bangkok from 9 to 31 August 2016 and features Her Majestys initiated projects on natural resource and environmental conservation.
Alongside His Majesty the King, Her Majesty visited rural people in all corners of the country and initiated numerous conservation projects, in support of His Majestys development work. While His Majesty focuses his attention on the development of water sources for agriculture, Her Majesty finds ways to aid forest and watershed conservation.
She has noticed a great decrease in forested areas, and her accumulated expertise has permitted her to formulate an analysis of this problem. The root cause of the problem involves forest and watershed destruction; ignorance is another problem. Her Majesty is afraid that massive forest destruction will bring difficulties to her subjects in the future. Then she developed an idea to enable humans and forests to live together without destruction.
She once said that forest destruction would lead to drought conditions, soil deterioration, and crop failure. In places where it has already happened, farmers have fallen deeper into poverty, so they have turned to logging and burning wood to produce charcoal for sale. They have to destroy the watershed in order to survive.
Her Majesty the Queen came up with the idea of bringing those poor farmers together to live in organized villages where they would be taught to grow fast-growing trees, look after forests, and engage in supplementary occupations to earn more income.
Aware of the importance of trees in helping the soil hold rainwater, Her Majesty often initiates tree planting around water sources, so that forests and water come together naturally. She also persuades local people, wherever she goes, to replant forests.
Based on her idea of harmonious co-existence between humans and forests, Her Majesty has lent support to various forest preservation and reforestation projects, such as Pa Rak Nam, or Forests Love Water, and Ban Lek Nai Pa Yai, or Small Houses in the Big Forest.
Her Majesty has worked tirelessly to preserve the natural world, and even despite many obstacles, she has never given up. Admired by her subjects and the international community for her work in conservation, Her Majesty won recognition from the worlds largest conservation organization, the World Wide Fund for Nature, formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund.
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