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ACD Members Urged to Promote Inclusiveness among All Sectors

11 October 2016 (Readers 1469)

Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged all Member States of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) to promote inclusiveness among all sectors through the public-private-people partnership, so that they could jointly formulate policy toward sustainable growth of Asia.
In his statement at the 2nd ACD Summit on 10 October 2016 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, the Prime Minister said that combining the strengths of ACD members to advance Asian cooperation does not only limit to cooperation among the public sector.
He said, "We should also strive to promote the role of the ACD private sector, while building a solid economy for the Asian community through the mechanism of the ACD Connect Business Forum.
"In addition, the people sector is another parallel key of the ACD cooperation, particularly tourism, culture, education, and human resource development. Enhancing the engagement of the academic sector in ACD will help equip the future generation of ACD citizens with key capacities to respond to emerging global challenges, including building a competitive workforce in the region that responds to the needs of the 21st centurys labor market and the ACDs six pillars of cooperation. ACD should rigorously expand collaboration in science, technology, and innovation to tackle various challenges, such as food and energy security, water management, green technology, digital economy, as well as the promotion of talent mobility in ACD.
The Prime Minister stated that apart from being a region of diverse culture, tourist destination, natural resources and environment, as well as the worlds largest market and economy, Asia also has multiple strengths.
He said, "South Asia is the region with the worlds highest economy expansion. East Asia has technology, innovation, forefront innovation, and it is the worlds leading R&D investor. Central Asia possesses security in energy and natural resources. West Asia is the worlds source of energy with top global Sovereign Wealth Fund. South East Asia has food security and is the region with one of the highest growth rate of entrepreneur.
Therefore, One Asia, Diverse Strengths is the answer. We have ample capacity to drive the worlds economy that is still stagnant at present. We are endowed with roughly 60 percent of the worlds population, one-third of global GDP share, 60 percent of the international reserves, and economic growth of more than 5 percent. Therefore, it is now time that ACD Member States join hands to set a concrete direction and goal of cooperation to mobilize their potentials and diverse strengths for the well-being of our people in the region, and for the stability, prosperity, and sustainability of Asia, as well as the building of an unwavering growth for the global community.
The Prime Minister said that ACD members had agreed to establish the ACD Secretariat in Kuwait. Thailand is of the view that ACD Member States should discuss new protocol and mechanism for the selection of ACD Secretary-General in order to reassure the efficiency and continuity of the Secretariats work. This includes discussion on the establishment of the ACD Development Fund.
He congratulated the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the new ACD Chair. UAE will host the 15th ACD Ministerial Meeting in Abu Dhabi in January 2017. Iran offers to host the 3rd ACD Summit in 2018.
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