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Kampung Lumut 1 - Generating Varieties of Economies

12 October 2017 (Readers 455)

Kampung Lumut Satu (1) is situated in the North East Beach of Belait District. It is one of the villages in Mukim Liang Lumut bordering with Kampung Lumut Dua and Kampung Sungai Liang with an area of 53 square kilometer. The border line of Kampung Lumut 1 starts from the junction of Lumut Beach Resort to Balai Raya Lumut 1. In the past, Kampung Lumut 1 is a traditional village. Most of the villagers work as farmers, fa
rming on a small scale and some work with the government. The number of population is not densed and the infrastructure facilities are also limited. Before the LNG plant was built, the surrounding area were overgrown with moss, especially in Kuala Sungai, which now known as Sungai Lumut (Moss River). Because of this, the villagers named the place as Kampung Lumut and it remains to this day under the leadership of village head, Yang Berhormat Haji Mohd. Shafiee bin Ahmad, Member of the Legislative Council in Belait.
In the 80s, the population began to grow with migrants who have retired from the government service and private sector, where they choose to build their houses and hence, live here. For the benefit and welfare of the people, enhancement of public facilities such as roads, educational institutions and post offices were built.
Meanwhile, the Womens Bureau of the MPK does manufacturing for the dodol and serunding. The dodol cakes was first done by the single mothers in the project activities (2010-2011). Financial resources obtained for the serunding project were funded from the female bureau fund and MPK funding and the capital of BND 92.55 to start the project are proceeds from the members, while the dodol cakes are contributions from wives of Asia-Pacific Ambassadors, BLNG and funds from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) and sapit cakes and bahulu are contributions from the MPK committee members and individuals.
13 participants who undertook the sapit cake project were given BND 50 each where the total proceeds was BND 650. MOHA has also approved an allocation of BND 5,366 as initial capital to cover the expenses for the purchase of fencing, roofing and others for ponds and fish farming projects and machines for the dodol project.
 In addition, members of the MPK also produce other products including Mahkota Dewa Tea, handicraft, souvenirs, seaweed spring rolls done individually and by the MPK committee members. All these activities are conducted at respective places while the marketing is carried out individually and through participations by the MPK Lumut 1 in Bazars and Booth Sales organized by the Belait District.
In their first and second participation for the AKC, Kampung Lumut 1 highlighted their dodol cake, sapit and fish farming in ponds project. The 1K1P were the Serunding Project (2012-2013), dodol (2010-2011), pastries such as sapit and bahulu (2008- 2009) and fish farming in ponds (2010-2011).
The AKC Project aspects and main criteria considered for the project is the management and administration, the economy that includes production and resources of the village, eco-friendly, cleanliness, aesthetic, energy saving and cheerfulness, projects and activities, safety, welfare and community, religious and skills and education and information and communications.
Among the AKC goal is to catalyze the development and progress of the villagers, give recognition and encouragement to the council and residents, strengthen the effectiveness of the MPKs including lifting the integrity and dignity of the institution of community leaders and promote healthy competition among MPKs nationwide. Members of the MPK Lumut 1 can earn side incomes from the handicrafts that they produce.
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