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Vol. 24 No.4
October - December 2007

ISSN 0125-0159

Editor's Note
His Majesty the King’s Intellectual Property as a Tool of Development
Her Majesty the Queen’s Model Farms for the Secure Life of Her People
Arts & Style
The Supreme Artist Hall in Honor of the Genius King
In Focus
The Election That Return Democracy to the Nation
Reversing the Erosion of Muddy Coasts: A Breakthrough by Thai Experts
A Center for Holistic Medicine in Chiang Rai
Special Feature
PRD Museum and Archive: A Learning Center on the Early Stages of Broadcasting and Public Relations
A Greater Sense of Security on Samui Island
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Editor's Note

Thailand Illustrated has come to its last issue of 2007. This issue marks one of the most important occasions for Thai people, the birthday anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. All groups of the people are united in organizing activities in honor of the King. This is a great opportunity for the whole country to express its loyalty to His Majesty.

Taking part in honoring the King, Thailand Illustrated highlights a number of contributions our monarch has made to the public. This issue introduces the Supreme Artist Hall, which exhibits the great works of the King in terms of his artistic and social contributions. The royal works justify the United Nations Development Programmes Human Development Lifetime Achievement Award, which former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan presented to His Majesty in person.

Also, in the last month of this year, Thailand is returning to democracy, when the general election takes place on December 23. Thailand Illustrated looks into the polling, as new electoral rules designed for political reform go into effect. On the global front, we share the concern for climate change, which is causing the seas to intrude more and more into the mainland. A team of researchers from Chulalongkorn University seems to have found an effective way to protect Thailands coastline. They are building a new kind of breakwater, said to be the worlds first technology to both protect and reclaim muddy shores.

Another topic that is sure to interest the international community is a form of holistic medicine that features the combined use of Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine. Holistic medicine is practiced at the government-run Mae Laos Hospital in Chiang Rai province, where medical experts are teaching proper health care and rehabilitation to members of the public. The holistic medical center in the northern province continues to draw special attention from foreign visitors.

In the far South, a model farming project initiated by Her Majesty the Queen is working well in career promotion for local people in Nong Chik district of Pattani province. The project provides on-the-job training courses, through which people can both learn and earn. In the long run, they should have a more secure life, thanks to the knowledge they gain from the project. A little bit higher in the South, we lately visited the famous island of Koh Samui and experienced the improved security services for both local people and visitors there, thanks to the good work of local police.

Back in Bangkok, Thailand Illustrated recalls how broadcasting began in this country. The history and evidence are on display in the Broadcasting Museum, next to the head office of the Public Relations Department. The history of the department is exhibited there, as well. And although we are changing from one year to the next, what remains unchanged is our determination to bring you more interesting stories in the year to come. See you then.

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