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Vol. 24 No.4
October - December 2007

ISSN 0125-0159

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His Majesty the King’s Intellectual Property as a Tool of Development
Her Majesty the Queen’s Model Farms for the Secure Life of Her People
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The Supreme Artist Hall in Honor of the Genius King
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The Election That Return Democracy to the Nation
Reversing the Erosion of Muddy Coasts: A Breakthrough by Thai Experts
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PRD Museum and Archive: A Learning Center on the Early Stages of Broadcasting and Public Relations
A Greater Sense of Security on Samui Island
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His Majesty the King’s Intellectual Property as a Tool of Development

Since his young days, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has shown a keen interest in mechanisms, motors, and vehicles. With his talents and expertise, he has invented many devices by using appropriate technology to improve the peoples lives. His work includes methods and innovative and technical inventions, which are recognized internationally and benefit not only his Thai subjects, but also others around the world.

Few people outside Thailand know that His Majesty in 1993 became the worlds first monarch to be granted a patent for an aerator used in wastewater treatment. Referred to as Chaipattana Low Speed Aerator, Model RX-2, the aerator is a paddle-wheel machine in the form of a floating buoy that helps add oxygen to water. The first patent was granted to His Majesty the King by the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce, for the Chaipattana Aerator on 2 February 1993, which was designated as Thailands Inventors Day. A later model, the RX-5, was patented on 19 April 2001.

His Majesty is recognized as not only the Father of Thai Invention, but also the Father of Thai Technology, the Father of Royal Rainmaking, and the Father of Thai Innovation. In the 1960s, he initiated artificial rainmaking research, and later royal rainmaking operations have greatly benefited farmers, easing water shortages and increasing agricultural production. His Majesty worked out a pictorial book, Royal Rainmaking Textbook, with his computer, teaching the steps of the rainmaking process.

Officials from many countries, such as Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, have traveled to Thailand to learn about rainmaking operations to help in cultivation for farmers in their own countries. The Royal Rainmaking Project was granted a patent by the Department of Intellectual Property on 29 November 2002. It was awarded the Gold Medal with Mention at the Brussels Eureka 2001, held in Belgium in November 2001. The European Office issued a patent for Weather Modification by Royal Rainmaking Technology to His Majesty on 12 October 2006.

In 1985, His Majesty the King initiated the production of biodiesel as a way of applying indigenous means to achieve self-sufficiency in energy. He suggested the mixture of five percent palm oil with conventional diesel. His formula for biodiesel has worked well with all types of diesel-run motors, without the need to modify them, and it is also environmentally friendly. This formula was patented on 11 October 2002. With rising fuel costs a burden to the poor, the alternative energy source helps people cope with expensive oil prices.

The popular trademark registered as an achievement of His Majesty is Suvarnachad, featuring his favorite dog Tongdaeng. Literally meaning copper, Tongdaeng was a stray dog and was brought into the palace in 1998. His Majesty praises Tongdaengs qualities of gratitude and loyalty. Other trademarks owned by His Majesty include Golden Place and Thammachad. The New Theory approach, the Royally Initiated New Theory Project, and The Story of Mahajanaka, one of His Majestys famous books, were registered as His Majestys copyrighted written works in 1998. In the same year, his artistically designed medallion illustrating a scene from The Story of Mahajanaka was also copyrighted.

His Majesty the King is a strong advocate of intellectual property rights, as evidenced from one of his speeches, Intellectual property has existed for a long time. Patents and copyrights are very important intellectual property rights. In 1957, it was said that imitation of foreign items would provide greater benefits than registration of patents, since we could make use of foreign inventions without paying for patents. Such a saying is wrong and considered an insult to Thai people.

In recognition of His Majesty the Kings remarkable contribution to intellectual property, both as an inventor and as an active proponent of intellectual property as a tool of development, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has recently presented its Global Leaders Award to His Majesty the King. His Majesty is the first recipient of this award, the WIPOs most prestigious recognition of outstanding contributions by world leaders to the cause of intellectual property rights.

WIPO said in its press release dated 29 January 2007, As an inventor and artist, His Majesty is a strong advocate of intellectual property, owning over 20 patents and 19 trademarks. Many of his inventions have generated concrete benefits for Thai communities, having been put to practical use in a range of rural development projects in Thailand. He is also a recognized and prolific artist, having created over 100 works, including paintings, photos, and musical and literary works, such as songs and novels. The WIPO recognizes leadership and personal engagement in promoting intellectual property at the national, regional, and international levels.

In order to honor His Majesty the King as a role model for Thai inventors, the Ministry of Commerce organized an exhibition Royal Wisdom in Developing Thailand on a Sustainable Basis at Siam Paragon Shopping Complex in Bangkok on 16-18 November 2007. This event was also intended as part of the Celebrations on the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the Kings 80th Birthday 5th December 2007.

Story: Chamnong Pakaworawuth
Photos: Suvalux Khenkum

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