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Vol. 24 No.4
October - December 2007

ISSN 0125-0159

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Reversing the Erosion of Muddy Coasts: A Breakthrough by Thai Experts
A Center for Holistic Medicine in Chiang Rai
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A Greater Sense of Security on Samui Island
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A Center for Holistic Medicine in Chiang Rai

If we talk about holistic medical care, a lot of people have never heard of it. The reason they are not familiar with this term could be that holistic medical care is available primarily in a few private hospitals, usually chosen by high-end customers looking for a holistic way to fulfill their medical needs.

“Holistic medicine” is a descriptive term for a healing philosophy that views a patient as a whole person: body, mind, and spirit. There is more to a disease than a collection of symptoms; we must be concerned with the emotional, spiritual, and nutritional, environmental, and lifestyle factors that may cause an illness. In holistic medical care, practitioners integrally combine conventional forms of treatment with natural treatment or alternative treatment, consisting of Chinese traditional medicine and Thai ancient medical practices, such as acupuncture, Thai massage, Chinese acupressure and chiropractic, herbal medicine, herbal hot compression, and macrobiotic treatment.

The highlight of the project in Mae Lao Hospital, a center for holistic medical care in Chiang Rai province, is the “Clay House,” which involves environmental control for effective self-healing. The driving concept behind this design is that it is suited to the local economy and the availability of material, and it has a high level of thermal comfort control that doesn’t rely on artificial cooling and heating methods. Moreover, all the material was chosen from natural sources, avoiding toxic substances contained in modern construction materials.

Mae Lao hospital is located in Amphoe Mae Lao, Chiang Rai province. It has 30 beds but over a hundred medical staff, directed by Dr. Kiatchai Jiramahavithayakul, who initially established this worthy project on the occasion of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s 60th year on the throne, to recognize H.M. the King’s contributions to his beloved people in every aspect, including their health.

The project has been operating since 2005 and has many health programs, designed both for chronically ill patients and for healthy people who are interested in preventing illness. The health programs focus on keeping the body-mind-spirit balance in a proper environment, which consequently leads to natural self-healing – in other words, “Building health, not repairing.”

Mae Lao Hospital has designed three types of holistic medical care programs, for different types of care. First, there are programs designed for patients with disabilities and degenerative conditions: back pain, knee pain, paralysis, and the like. The programs integrate all available alternative treatments and offer suitable therapy techniques to suit the particular illness and patient, a tailor-made approach.

The second is complementary health services, comprising massage, physical therapy, herbal hot compression, and detoxification programs. In addition, the holistic medical care center also provides exercise programs, under the guidance of a physical therapist, which are individually suited to gender, age, and health problems.

Lastly, the holistic center also serves as a training center for anyone interested in the theory and practice of macrobiotics. There are training courses and demonstrations of macrobiotic processes, with instruction on how to eat, how to cook, and how to manage macrobiotic agriculture and production. Obviously, the aim is the concept “You are what you eat.”

The holistic medical care programs in Mae Lao Hospital have attracted the interest of both Thais and foreigners. Since the holistic medical center opened, a large number of people have come for its services and have had a good experience with the holistic medical approach.

More importantly, Mae Lao Hospital has a strong commitment to continuously improving the quality of the holistic medical programs and the skill of its personnel, in order to achieve the goal of good health for all people. Visitors, whether Thai or foreign, should feel free, if they are in the area, to stop by and have a look at the center’s holistic medical care or complementary health services.

More information can be found on the hospital’s web site, <>, or by contacting the hospital at 053-603119.

Story: Jaran Anantachaisilp
Photos: Jaran Anantachaisilp

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