All Government Agencies Told to Work in an Integrated Manner (29/08/2011)
Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has told all government agencies to work in an integrated manner, since by so doing, it would lead to quick decisions and greater efficiency in their operations.

The Prime Minister gave a briefing on the Government’s policies to heads of various government agencies on 26 August 2011 at Santi Maitri Building, Government House.

Attending this event were members of the Cabinet, political office holders, permanent secretaries, directors-general, provincial governors, military leaders, and chiefs of state enterprises and public organizations. The briefing came after the Government had delivered its policy statement in Parliament on August 23. It was intended to create better understanding about the Government’s policies, so that they would be translated into action effectively.

According to the Constitution, the Cabinet is required to map out the national administrative plan within 90 days, following the presentation of the Government’s policy statement in the National Assembly. The plan will be used as a guideline for requesting national budget allocations.

Prime Minister Yingluck called on all agencies to adopt His Majesty the King’s wise advice to “understand, reach out, and develop” in translating the Government’s policies into action. As Thailand celebrates His Majesty the King’s 84th birthday anniversary this year, the Prime Minister told the senior officials to join hands in organizing the celebrations with the highest honor accorded to His Majesty. They were also urged to respond to Her Majesty the Queen’s wishes in tackling the drug issue seriously.

As for unrest in the southern border provinces, the Prime Minister urged all related agencies to improve the local economy and the living conditions of southern residents in order to ease their hardships and problems.

She also called for joint efforts in fighting corruption, saying that corruption monitoring would be carried out more seriously. In this regard, she is ready to accept complaints and suggestions from all sides.

Concerning the policies on children and women, the Prime Minister called for brainstorming from all sectors of society to help develop children at all ages and tackle the child labor problem. As for women, she said, they need help at various levels. For instance, women facing violations of human rights need legal assistance and advice, as well as rehabilitation. She wants children and women to be developed further in terms of their potential. In this connection all relevant ministries will have to work closely in an integrated manner.

Prime Minister Yingluck also asked cooperation from Cabinet members, government officials, and state enterprises employees to put on outfits made of Thai fabric on Tuesdays, when a weekly Cabinet meeting is held. The objective is to help preserve Thailand’s cultural heritage.

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