The SUPPORT Foundation’s Exhibition of Hand Embroidery (22/08/2012)
In 2012 there are three auspicious royal birthday anniversaries: His Majesty the King's 85th Birthday Anniversary on 5 December 2012, Her Majesty the Queen's 80th Birthday Anniversary on 12 August 2012 and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince's 5th cycle (60th) birthday on 28 July 2012.

In commemoration of these special occasions, the SUPPORT Foundation Under the Royal Patronage is organizing an exhibition of hand embroidery at the Queen's Gallery from 2 August to 13 November 2012, from 10.00 – 19.00 hrs everyday, except on Wednesdays.


The Exhibition showcases over 200 hand embroidered works, all side by side, with their art templates. All of the works are inspired by ancient Thai literature portraying lifestyles and natural habitats among people in rural areas with the aim of educating and encouraging embroiderers who are farmers and agriculturists from all over the country. They can then be proud of their supplementary occupations that were supported by Her Majesty the Queen to raise their income levels and elevate their families’ standard of living over the longer term. During this same process they can be encouraged to develop their artistic skills even further.

Descriptions of Each Floor’s Exhibition

First Floor
■The royal initiatives of Their Majesties the King and Queen in conserving the country’s forests and water sources are portrayed through “Source of Life” painting and a 2x3 meter Hand Embroidered which is showcased on both sides of Their Majesties’ Portrait.
■Resin sculptures of “Hongsa” (Swan) and “Hemaraja” (mixed creature of a swan and a lion) decorated with SUPPORT’s hand-woven silk are placed in front of the Royal Portrait with “Sattabangkoj” lotuses.
■Their Majesties’ hand embroidered portrait with Thai fine silk is shown along with 2 pieces of large hand embroidered poems.
■Four sets of art templates and embroideries that won prizes at Bangkok Bank’s contest: Songkran Festival, Reclining Narai, Celebrating Merit Making, and Warmth.

Second Floor
■The Exhibition depicts the royal initiatives in protecting and conserving Nature as portrayed in sets of rare wildlife and natural Thai forest paintings and embroideries.

Third Floor
■Exhibition of a variety of paintings and embroideries such as mythical animals and flora in the Himmapan Forest, Beautiful Women, Thai Flowers, Thai Folk Tales and Literature, Thai customs, etc.

Fourth Floor
■Exhibition of the origins of the SUPPORT Foundation’s Hand Embroidery Section through pictures and displays showing Thai silk threads and embroidery tools.
■Paintings and embroideries of “Lotus Pond” sized 1.1x1.4 metres and of famous tales such as “Nang Loi” from the Ramayana in size 2.40x1.92 metres, “Sangthong”, Jataka, etc, and of “Nang Songkran”.
■Artisans will demonstrate their real-life embroidery skills on the “Lotus Pond” work.

Fifth Floor
■Aside from various weekend activities, sales of embroidery pieces, cards and souvenir books are available.

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