Tourism Authority of Thailand sets a tourism target for 2024 with revenue of 3.1 trillion baht

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), 2024 is essential for the tourism industry, as its 2024-27 roadmap has set a target to fully recover from the pandemic. It anticipates that revenue in 2024 will reach 3.1 trillion baht. Thailand aims to create a new tourism ecosystem through high-value experiences and sustainable tourism, as well as accelerating the industry to account for 25% of GDP by 2027.

In 2024, TAT will focus on increasing both the number of tourists and average expenses by targeting quality tourists with high purchasing power and good conscience, who will have respect for the culture and society. Thailand’s travel industry will also focus on distributing income to local areas and communities, along with promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in order to aim for "Net Zero Tourism" -- tourism with zero greenhouse gas emissions.


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