Thailand Celebrates Muay Thai Day On 6 February 2024

The following events are being held today to celebrate Muay Thai Day on the sixth of February in honor of the historic King Sanphet VIII, known as the father of Muay Thai:
- At Tuek Temple in Ayutthaya province, the Ministry of Culture has organized a Muay Thai Day celebration by demonstrating the Wai Kru ceremony, which is a ritual performed by fighters before the flight, and the martial art of Muay Thai;
- At Rachaphakti Park, in Hua Hin district, Prachuap Khiri Khan province, the Royal Thai Army has organized the “Amazing Muay Thai Festival 2024." Highlighted activities include a Muay Thai competition, Wai Kru ceremony, and veneration ceremony to pay respect to King Sanphet VIII, as well as a demonstration of making the Mongkol headband worn by Muay Thai fighters during the Wai Kru ceremony.

The events are expected to make Muay Thai better known internationally. The Government also aims to increase Thai boxing camps overseas, and will set up standards for Muay Thai teachers by providing them training courses and professional licenses in order to enable them to teach overseas.


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