Prime Minister Emphasizes Efforts to Drive Sustainable Economic Growth

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Srettha Thavisin has stressed that the Government intends to drive sustainable economic growth, saying that Thailand is ready to accommodate more foreign investment and international tourism.

The Prime Minister gave a keynote address at the 41st annual seminar of the Thai Chamber of Commerce on 19 November 2023 at the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Center. Participating in the seminar were representatives from chambers of commerce nationwide, provincial governors, and young entrepreneurs. On this occasion, the Thai Chamber of Commerce also submitted to the Government a “white paper,” containing proposals on economic issues.

In his address, Prime Minister Srettha said that, during his participation in the 2023 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting, he had met global leaders in both public and private sectors and found that Thailand has great potential in many areas, be they transport systems, clean energy, healthcare services, or international schools.

The Prime Minister urged foreign investors to invest more in Thailand, to that end, thry would be offered various incentives, such as tax measures. He pointed out that the Government would also work on upgrading existing free trade agreements (FTAs) and expand FTAs with many countries.

Concerning tourism promotion, he said, the Government would give a boost to the development of secondary tourist cities and infrastructure, including the upgrading of various airports, such as Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, Phang-nga, and Chiang Mai airports.

Prime Minister Srettha reiterated that the Government is determined to tackle problems faced by farmers, saying that farmers want to have new markets to sell their products in and to get better prices. They also want innovations to support their farming in order to increase productivity.

He stated that, during its first two months in office, the Government had implemented several measures to take care of all groups of people. For instance, it started a debt suspension program for farmers, reduced electricity rates and oil prices, and promoted a “short quick win” policy. The Government has also promoted tourism by granting a temporary visa exemption for tourists from China, Kazakhstan, India, and Taiwan.

The Prime Minister added that the Digital Wallet Scheme is also the Government’s policy to help stimulate the Thai economy.


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