All Government Agencies Urgently Easing People’s Hardships from Drought

All government agencies are joining hands in urgently easing the people’s hardships from the drought disaster and tackling the problem in a tangible and systematic manner.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has expressed his concern about the ongoing drought situation, which is affecting many sectors, especially agriculture. investment, and tourism, as well as the people’s living conditions.

The Government considers the tackling of drought an urgent issue. From his field trips to several provinces recently, the Prime Minister found that water shortages resulted in widespread impacts on the people. He instructed all relevant agencies to immediately deal with the situation and ensure that there would be sufficient water for consumption in all areas.

Reports on efforts to handle the drought situation must be given to the Prime Minister periodically in order to adjust plans and measures to cope with the problem more effectively.

Among the plans and measures are to provide more water sources, prioritize water allocation corresponding to the water volume in various water sources, dig artesian wells in necessary areas, plan crop cultivation in line with local water supply, clear waterways, and encourage the efficient use of water across the country.

The Prime Minister also instructed military forces to assist the people affected by drought and tropical storms. Public relations campaigns must also be stepped up to urge people to be aware of the situation.


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