Project to Develop Skills of Youth in the Deep South toward Culinary Professions

A series of workshops under the project “Little Chefs, Big Hearts” has been carried out to develop the skills of youth in the southern border provinces of Thailand, to help them progress toward culinary professions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the series of workshops on 13-15 March 2024, in collaboration with the Food School Bangkok, Wandee Culinary Technological College, Thai Cuisine Academy, the Halal Science Center Chulalongkorn University, the Embassy of Belgium, and the Embassy of Italy.

Joining the workshops were members of the Association of Children and Youth for the Peace in the Southernmost Provinces of Thailand, generally known as Luukrieng Group.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Little Chefs, Big Hearts project aims to foster a profound understanding of Thai and international cuisine, as well as exploring the opportunity to enter a culinary career. It is a part of public diplomacy that employs a cultural approach to foster a better understanding of the multicultural society in Thailand on the people-to-people level. 

Apart from showcasing the talents of youth in the deep South, this project is also intended to inspire them to explore opportunities in the world of culinary excellence, which will drive them along the path to become professional chefs, as well as empowering them to actively contribute to the development of the southern border provinces in the future.

Activities in the workshops consisted of culinary skills and cooking techniques and lectures under the topics “Food Hygiene Management,” “Ingredients Selection and Cooking Process of Halal Food,” and “Inspiration in New Recipe Creation.” On the final day, Ms. Sibille de Cartier d’Yves, Ambassador of Belgium to Thailand, welcomed the group to her residence, where they learned how to make ice-cream and Belgian waffles.

On the evening of 15 March, in the last session of the project, members of the Luukrieng Group had a great chance to showcase the skills they have developed to members of diplomatic corps and international organizations, culinary experts, and Thai and foreign media through creative dining cuisine based on local southern ingredients. This included Southern Rice Salad on Fish Cracker, Watermelon and Mango with Dried Gulao Fish, Tupa Sutong, Grilled Scallop in Massaman Curry Sauce, Betong Chicken Satay with Peanut Curry Sauce and Toast, Grilled Betong Chicken with Fried Gulao Fish in Jor-Rang Curry Soup, Green Mango Granita with Mango Candy, and Black Grass Jelly Topped with Young Coconut Puddings Served with Pulled Tea.


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