Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan Won A Place In Southeast Asia Stem Fair & Exposition 2023 In Bangkok Thailand

The Ministry of Education through the Science, Technology and Environment Partnership Centre (STEP) has coordinated the participation of students and teachers to the STEM competition in conjunction with Southeast Asia STEM Fair & Exposition 2023 organised by SEAMEO STEM-ED Regional Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

A total of two groups consisting of students from Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan have successfully won a place as STEM project winners among 30 other STEM project winners in the 'Community and School' category. The first group with the 'Pigeons Problem'project consists of Awang Muhammad Ikhwan Safwan @ Afi bin Haji Othman, Awangku Md Elijaz Mateen bin Pengiran Md Khairul Nizam, Awang Muhammad Irfan Ali bin Haji Hasrol Bahri and Awangku Nur Amir Bazli bin Pengiran Amir Faisal. The 'Pigeons Problem' project also received 'The Most Interesting Project' award during the Southeast Asia STEM Fair & Exposition 2023. Meanwhile, the second group was represented Dayang Nur Amirah Batrisyia binti Abdul Aji, Dayang Nur Ameerah Batrisyia binti Mohd Redwan and Dayang Nur Afifah Bazilah binti Haji Khairul Hazmi with 'Bird Problems in MSPSBS' project. The students were guided by three supervising teachers from the college, Cikgu Hj Eddy Masirwan bin Hj Dolah, Cikgu Syazana binti Hj Ismail and Cikgu Mohammed Raymie bin Hj Othman.

Through the competition, the two winning groups of the project have succeeded in producing posters, reports and videos that highlight the issue of pollution caused by the wild birds that increasingly settle in the school buildings area and find solution through STEM methods.
During the highlight of the SEA STEM Fair & Expo 2023, the students and supervising teacher participated in lectures, hands-on workshops, forums and student project presentations which exposed students to topic related to STEM and STEM Education that are sustainable and future-ready.
This STEM competition aims to enhance students' skills in problem solving by using science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills. Through the STEM competition, students can cultivate good habits as well as practices and are committed to jointly produce sustainable projects through STEM approaches that can change personal behavior thus encourage hard work while being independent with future ready skills to overcome challenges.
Also present as an official representative from the Ministry of Education, Negara Brunei Darussalam to the SEA STEM Fair and Expo 2023 and the prize presentation ceremony was Dr Andery Lim, an Education Officer at the Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre, Ministry of Education.

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