Thailand organizes this year’s meeting of International Sericulture Commission

The annual International Sericulture Commission (ISC) meeting, organized by the Department of Sericulture from May 21 to 28, brings together delegates from six different nations to discuss plans for the growth of the sericulture sector internationally. Thailand hosted delegations from India, Romania, Bangladesh, Uganda, Japan, and pertinent local leaders under the direction of Prakob Phaophong, Director-General of the Department of Sericulture, and Sutira Pholcharoen, an agricultural expert and expert in the development of silk products. The ISC summit is being held in Thailand for the fifth time. The week-long conference covers a wide range of issues, including ISC activities from the previous year, the status of the Make The Label Count (MTLC) campaign, ISC training programs, testing and grading of silk standards, and Thailand's request to declare 12 August as World Silk Day.


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