China ready to restart discussions on new panda for Chiang Mai Zoo

Atthaporn Srihayrun, Director of the Zoological Parks Organization, revealed that an autopsy performed by the Giant Panda Research and Conservation Center in China's Sichuan Province found that Thailand had given Lin Hui exceptional care throughout her stay at Chiang Mai Zoo, exceeding the necessary standards. There were no longer any questions about Lin Hui's cause of death when the autopsy, which was conducted jointly by the Thai Forest Department and the Giant Panda Research and Conservation Center, revealed that she had passed away from old age, removing any residual concerns as to what had caused her death. Atthaporn emphasized that any such discussions would need to take place at the government level and that it is possible to read China's comments as a sign that talks for another panda are still on the table. Despite the autopsy results, Thailand is still required to pay China 15 million baht in restitution for the death of Lin Hui. On October 12th, 2003, the panda was initially delivered to the Chiang Mai Zoo to act as a goodwill ambassador between the two countries.


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