Thai Government Promotes Cross-Border Tourism Drive Across 5 ASEAN Nations

The Thai government endorses the initiation of collaboration and the enhancement of capabilities in the competitive tourism sector within the ASEAN region, adopting a unified destination approach known as "One Destination" and promoting Two-way Tourism through the Cross-Border Tourism Drive project involving Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Efforts to drive the initiative include studying convenient and safe routes, researching potential local tourism destinations, and ensuring facilities for self-driving tourists along the route.

In addition to discussions with the aforementioned four countries, the government has engaged in dialogues with the U.S.- ASEAN Business Council (USABC) and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) regarding collaboration in tourism between the public and private sectors of Thailand and ASEAN. The WTTC emphasizes the significance of quality tourism over quantity and the sustainable nature of tourism.


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