Thailand's Koh Samui Launches Culinary Campaign to Boost Tourism

Koh Samui has launched a culinary campaign to highlight its status as Thailand's leading wellness destination, with an initiative called “SAMUI SAVOR, Beyond Boarding Pass, Beyond healthy…through taste.” The campaign is a collaborative effort involving Bangkok Airways, Bangkok Dusit Medical Services, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, and various local partners.

The promotion offers discounts to visitors who show their boarding pass at any of the 42 participating restaurants on the island and the chance to win domestic flight tickets. The initiative spans a broad spectrum of dining options, from Michelin Guide-endorsed fine dining establishments to local eateries, cafés, and health-centric food outlets.

Ploenphit Kosonyuthasan, director of Tourism and Alliance Marketing Promotion at Bangkok Airways, explained that the initiative aims to draw attention to Koh Samui’s diverse gastronomic offerings, supporting its dual reputation as a destination for both food lovers and wellness seekers.

In addition to boosting tourism, the campaign is designed to support local restaurants and promote sustainable tourism practices on the island. It runs from May 20 to September 30, during which diners can enter a lucky draw to win one of 20 domestic flight prizes for two, enhancing the appeal of visiting Koh Samui during these months.


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