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12th National Economic and Social Development Plan

17 September 2016

The current 11th National Economic and Social Development Plan will end on 30 September 2016. The Cabinet, during its meeting on 13 September 2016, approved the draft 12th National Economic and Social Development Plan, 2017-2021.
The implementation of the 12th Plan will begin on 1 October 2016 and will continue until 30 September 2021. The Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board reported that the 12th Plan was worked out in accordance with the 20-year national strategy, 2017-2036.
The 20-year national strategic plan consists of six areas, six primary strategies, and four supporting strategies. The six areas include (1) security, (2) competitiveness enhancement, (3) human resource development, (4) social equality, (5) green growth, and (6) rebalancing and public sector development.
The six primary strategies seek to enhance and develop the potential of human capital; ensure justice and reduce social disparities; strengthen the economy and enhance competitiveness on a sustainable basis; promote green growth for sustainable development; bring about national stability for national development toward prosperity and sustainability; and enhance the efficiency of public sector management and promote good governance.
As for the four supporting strategies for efficient national development, they involve infrastructure development and the logistics system; science and technology, research, and innovation; urban, regional, and economic zone development; and international cooperation for development.
The 12th Plan will continue to focus on the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy, which had become the guiding light of the countrys development since the Ninth Plan, beginning in 2006. The philosophy aims to change the priority of economic policy from "growth" to "social development." The main objective is to bring about happiness and the people's well-being.
It has been followed as a shared value by the Thai people, guiding the transformation to a new national management system, based on the goals of efficiency, quality of life, and sustainability.
The 12th Plan is geared to reduce income disparity and poverty, strengthen the Thai economy and enhance the countrys competitiveness, promote natural capital and environmental quality, and further boost the confidence of Thailand in the international community.
It consists of 10 strategies for national development. In the first strategy, human capital will be enhanced and its potential will be developed. The second strategy seeks to ensure fairness and reduce social disparities. The third one involves the strengthening of Thailands economy on a sustainable basis. The fourth strategy involves green growth.
The fifth strategy seeks to promote national stability and the sixth one to combat corruption and promote good governance in Thai society. The seventh strategy involves infrastructure and logistics development. The eighth strategy seeks to develop science, technology, research, and innovation. The ninth strategy calls for urban and economic zone development and the tenth strategy involves international cooperation for development.
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