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Chicken farm to produce 72,000 eggs per day

18 January 2017 (Readers 944)

Salasa Asyar Sdn Bhds farm at Tanah Tuah Kulapis Agricultural Development Area was officially opened. Established on May 23, 2011, Salasa Asyar Sdn Bhd is managed by Director Awang Mohd Zen bin Omar and Operating Director Tuan Gilbert Ong Ang Eng. The land for the farm was provided by the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood. The company has completed two out of four of the layer farms. The first farm is used to breed day-old chicks until they are mature enough to be transferred to the second layer farm, which typically usually takes three to four weeks. The innovation behind this project uses technology to feed and breed chickens to lay eggs.
The layer farm consists of a cooling system pad to cool the temperature inside the enclosed layer farm to balance the temperature for the growing chickens. The company also placed conveyer belts beneath the chickens to remove the dung (waste material) and to reduce odour to keep the layer farm consistently clean. The completion of all four layer farms, Salasa Asyar Sdn Bhd is expected to produce 72,000 eggs per day in the near future. It will be a three-fold increase from the previous production of 18,000 eggs per day. With the significant increase in egg production, the company plans to provide the market with more locally produced eggs and also help with the national economic development.
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