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Bringing People Back Home Project in the Deep South

6 April 2017 (Readers 1073)

The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) is ready to generate employment for those who have joined the project "Bringing People Back Home, so that they will be able to reintegrate into society.
SBPAC Deputy Secretary-General Kraisorn Visitwong on 5 April 2017 met a group of people joining the project at the Halal Industrial Estate in Panare district, Pattani province.
He cited this project as an effective way to tackle conflicts in the southern border provinces through peaceful means. The project encourages persons holding different views to those of the state and those who have been misled into creating unrest to return home to lead a normal life with their families.
It has been carried out by the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Region 4 Forward, in cooperation with SBPAC. After reporting themselves to the authorities, persons joining this project will be sent to the legal process to clear their cases. The Government will ensure justice for them and all relevant agencies are ready to give a helping hand.
After that, SBPAC and other agencies will offer occupational training and generate employment and income for them. SBPAC has set up "Bringing People Back Home clubs at the district level to encourage those joining the project to work together to improve the southern situation.
According to Mr. Kraisorn, SBPAC has carried out a program to upgrade the quality of life of those who join the Bringing People Back Home project. In this program, career promotion will be emphasized. For instance, a number of chickens have been bought to be given to members of the project, so that they can earn a living by raising these chickens.
Another activity under this program involves public services. For example, members of this project will be taken to help develop schools, temples, and mosques. SBPAC also has a policy to build houses for those joining this project to stay temporarily in order to prepare them to regain confidence and reintegrate into society.
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