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Department of Provincial Administration Lays Out Guidelines against Corruption

23 April 2017 (Readers 752)

The Department of Provincial Administration has laid out guidelines for its officials at all levels in order to help them deal effectively with corruption, which is regarded as one of the biggest threats to the well-being of various communities.
The Department is under the Ministry of Interior and its officials have worked closely with local villagers in all parts of the country. Its mission involves internal security affairs, provincial development, justice enhancement, and civil registration.
Aware of the importance of combating corruption, the Department in 2015 established an Anti-Corruption Center, which divides its operations into three areas: 1.) to prevent and suppress corruption, 2.) to raise awareness of corruption and promote morality, and 3.) to conduct public relations campaigns against corruption and spread ethical principles.
Strategies have also been set to develop good governance in the provincial management system and promote honesty among officials. The media have been encouraged to participate in monitoring good governance and the ethical conduct of officials, as well.
Each year, the Department of Provincial Administration joins the Integrity and Transparency Assessment Project, as proposed by the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission. All government agencies have been urged to take part in this project to promote their transparency and integrity standards.
On 20 April 2017, the Anti-Corruption Center of the Department of Provincial Administration organized a training program for its personnel, to provide them with better understanding about the issues of conflict of interest and national interests. The objectives were to reduce the risks of corruption practices and raise their awareness of anti-corruption efforts.
The training program also provided a good opportunity for the participants to share their views and experiences in fighting corruption, which is a menace to public administration and must be eliminated.
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