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IBTE employment rate of graduates increased

1 May 2017

The percentage of graduates who get jobs after completing their courses at institutes of higher education increased. Work study released by the Institute of Technical Education Brunei (BTE) showed that 71.6 percent of graduates had found a job after six months of completing their courses, compared to 63.8 percent in past year. 75 percent find jobs appropriate to their following program compared to 65 percent in 2012. Meanwhile, the employers' satisfaction showed an overall 91 per cent of employers are satisfied with the quality of the work and achievements of IBTE graduate students. The efforts and initiatives undertaken continued and well organized, so it will be able to produce more graduates who are not only educated, skilled, creative, innovative, and be progressive and entrepreneurial, but characterized, noble attitude and to be able to showcase the personality and discipline that can improve the 'marketability' graduates and to meet the needs of employers.
In order to remain relevant and played a major role in national development, technical education should involve the industrial sector to offer programs that are appropriate for non-existent 'skills gap', ie the skills gap between what we produce and what is needed by the industry. IBTE is a statutory body of an institution in the education system in this country that have autonomy in terms of financial needs and human resources, particularly recruitment of teachers. Such autonomy; the institute will always be responsive in meeting the needs of the industry. Human resources trained and skilled personnel are also a major driving force for the country as well as machinery. Therefore, to produce a skilled workforce and quality and able to meet current needs, IBTE must create a much more detailed and comprehensive, especially in further developing the professionalism of students. Students also must change their mindset to accept the changes positively and had to get out of their comfort zone and hope the graduates will not squander the knowledge and skills that have been acquired and learned
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