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The First Royal Command of King Rama X

4 May 2019 (Readers 979)


His Majesty King Rama X presented the First Royal Command during the crowning ceremony at Baisal Daksin Throne Hall, where he seated himself on the Bhadrapitha Throne on 4 May 2019, when he performed his coronation.


His Majesty uttered his first proclamation for his subjects: "We shall treasure, preserve, and build on our heritage and shall reign in righteousness for the great enduring good of the people. 


The Chief Brahmin humbly received the Royal Command. Then His Majesty poured water from the royal pitcher, while making a solemn wish.


His Majesty King Rama X issued the First Royal Command after the Chief Brahmin presented him with the Royal Golden Plaque of His Majestys official title, the Royal Regalia, the Ancient and Auspicious Orders, and the Weapons of Sovereignty.


The First Royal Command of King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), issued at his coronation ceremony on 5 May 1950: "We shall reign with righteousness for the benefit and happiness of the Siamese people.





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