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Curfew to Be Lifted and Fourth Phase of Easing Restrictions to Be Implemented

13 June 2020 (Readers 1762)

The nationwide night-time curfew will be lifted from 23.00 hr on 14 June 2020 onward, and the fourth phase of easing restrictions on certain businesses and activities will be implemented on Monday, 15 June 2020.

The Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), during its meeting on 12 June 2020, chaired by Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha, approved the lifting of the curfew and the implementation of the fourth phase of easing restrictions because of the improved COVID-19 situation in the country.

However, travel restrictions into the Kingdom via land, sea, and air will remain in force, according to CCSA Spokesperson Dr. Taweesin Visanuyothin.

The following businesses and activities are under the fourth phase of easing restrictions.

1) Activities relating to the economy and way of life
a. Gatherings for meetings, training, seminars, exhibitions, ceremonies, parties, music performances, classical dances, concerts, and various events. Meetings, training, and seminars must provide a space of four square meters per person. Participants at parties, events, contests, and sports competitions must sit or stand at least one meter apart. Music performances and concerts must provide a space of five square meters per person;

b. Alcohol can be served in restaurants, food centers, and hotels, but entertainment places, pubs, bars, and karaoke venues remain closed;

c. Daycare centers for young children and older persons may open but must provide a space of two square meters per child and senior citizen;

d. Science centers for education, science parks, and science and culture centers may open with a limited number of visitors in groups;

e. Film, television, and video shoots will be allowed, with crew members not exceeding 150 and spectators not exceeding 50.
2. Exercising and health care activities

a. Body steaming, herbal steaming, and saunas will be allowed, but with a limited number of customers. A space of five square meters between customers must be provided. Massage parlors may not yet reopen;

b. Group exercise in public parks will be allowed for the gathering of up to 50 people, with a space of five square meters between participants;

c. Amusement and water parks and playgrounds may open, but ball pools and bouncy castles are not allowed. As for water parks, a space of four square meters must be provided for each customer;

d. Sports competitions will be allowed but without spectators in stadiums. Television broadcasting may also be arranged;

e. Game booths in department stores, shopping centers, and community malls may open.

Both service providers and customers must wear masks and follow other good health practices.

International schools and schools with no more than 120 students are allowed to reopen, and responsible persons at the schools must follow measures against COVID-19 set by the Government.


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