Cabinet Approves 311 Million Baht to Tackle and Prevent COVID-19 in Prisons

May 30, 2021

The Cabinet has approved a budget of 311.65 million baht for the Department of Corrections to tackle and prevent the COVID-19 problem in prisons and correctional institutions nationwide.

Out of the amount, 80 million baht will be used to buy 100,000 RT PCR COVID-19 test kits, 51.9 million baht to build two field hospitals for critically ill inmates in Bangkok and its vicinity, 92.68 million baht to build 10 field hospitals in prisons and correctional institutions, 49.8 million baht to improve quarantine rooms at 65 prisons and correctional institutions, and 37.16 million baht to buy protective gear for prisons and correctional institutions.

As for the acquisition of the antiviral Favipiravir drug, the Department of Corrections was told to urgently seek support for the drug from the Ministry of Public Health.

Meanwhile, the Government will open a field hospital to treat disabled persons who have COVID-19, with no or mild symptoms. The field hospital, known as \"Sirindhorn Science Home Field Hospital for Persons with Disabilities,” will begin its services on 1 June 2021 for disabled persons aged 15-65 years.

This 224-bed field hospital is set to be a model at the regional level, with the use of medical innovation and technology during treatment, such as remote-control wheelchairs, UV-C sterilizers, negative pressure mobile beds, and the Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) system for the deaf.

COVID-19-infected disabled persons may seek help for treatment from the Ministry of Public Health Hotline 1668, the Social Assistance Center Hotline 1300, the Persons with Disabilities Hotline 1479, or the TTRS application for people with hearing disabilities.

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