Legal Action against Those Involved in Corruption on COVID-19 Loan Projects

June 2, 2021

Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek stated that the Cabinet had resolved that quick legal action would be taken against those who have been involved in corruption concerning the Governments projects to ease economic impacts of the COVID-19 situation.

In 2020, the Government secured 1.9 trillion baht in loans to carry out the projects. As for this year, the Cabinet recently allowed the Ministry of Finance to secure 500 billion baht more in loans for COVID-19 remedy.

Ms. Rachada said that the Governments decision on quick legal action was intended to prevent corruption and increase the efficiency of the implementation of the projects, in accordance with a proposal submitted by the Council of State.

Among these projects is a co-payment scheme, known as Khon La Khrueng (Half by Half), which allows registered individuals who buy goods from local shops to pay only half the price of their purchases, with the Government subsidizing the other half.

According to the Deputy Government Spokesperson, the Royal Thai Police was instructed to speed up criminal proceedings against the persons involved in corruption on each COVID-19 loan project. It must also report progress of legal action on this issue to the Cabinet every three months.

The Prime Minister earlier underscored the negative impact of corruption on public sector administration, economic development, trade and investment, and national development, as well as Thailands image, both in terms of the perception of both the public and business sectors. In light of this, the Government has declared anti-corruption as part of the national agenda for tangible implementation of related measures.

All sectors and members of society have been encouraged to take part in minimizing and preventing corruption in a sustainable manner.

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