Roadmap on Plastic Waste Management

April 19, 2019

The Cabinet on 17 April 2019 acknowledged the Roadmap on Plastic Waste Management, 2018-2030, for use as a policy framework to deal with the plastic waste problem in Thailand.


The objective of the roadmap is to reduce and stop the use of plastic and replace it with environmentally friendly materials. According to the roadmap, in 2019, three plastic products will be banned. They include plastic cap seals in water bottles, oxo-degradable plastics, and plastic microbeads.


The use of four other types of plastic will stop by 2022. They include plastic bags less than 36 microns in thickness, styrofoam food boxes, plastic straws, and single-use plastic cups.


By 2027, 100 percent of plastic waste will be reusable. Campaigns will be launched for public participation in reducing and stopping the use of plastic. They will also be conducted through online media.


Moreover, a plastic waste database will be created, while appropriate tools and mechanisms will be used within Thailands context, such as behavior change and reuse of plastic.


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, which proposed the roadmap, expects that this policy framework will reduce the volume of plastic waste by 0.78 million tons a year and save 3.9 billion baht in waste management costs annually.


The roadmap will also help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases to 1.2 million tons of CO2 equivalent.


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