Officials Tighten Control on Southern Border Crossings

May 31, 2021

The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) has encouraged local people to give cooperation and moral support to officials keeping surveillance along Thai-Malaysian border areas.

Malaysia announced a nationwide \"total lockdown\" from 1 to 14 June as COVID-19 infections in the country surged to record levels. Only essential services and economic sectors will remain operating.

SBPAC Assistant Secretary-General Teerapong Petcharat said that, since the COVID-19 situation in the southern border provinces was still worrisome, officials needed to conduct stricter surveillance along the nine southern border checkpoints to contain the spread of the virus from people traveling across the border areas.

The nine border checkpoints include Sadao, Padang Besar, and Ban Prakop in Songkhla; Buketa, Tak Bai, and Su-ngai Kolok in Narathiwat; Waeng Prachan and Tammalang in Satun; and Betong in Yala.

Thai nationals staying in Malaysia and wanting to return to their hometown have been told to travel through legal channels and give actual information about themselves to relevant officials in order to prevent COVID-19 infections that might be brought in by them.

SBPAC has also continued to help local farmers facing hardships, as they could not sell their farm products because of various restrictions during the COVID-19 situation. Traders in the country and from Malaysia have also found it inconvenient to travel to buy them.
Songkhla province produces more than 3,200 tons of pumpkins a year. SBPAC has coordinated with several agencies to help release the pumpkins to consumers. With this coordination, local farmers in Ranot, Singhanakhon, Sathing Phra, Chana, and Thepha districts in Songkhla could sell 460 tons of their pumpkins from 15 to 25 May 2021.

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