Hakka Betong: OTOP Village in the Deep South

June 2, 2021

A number of people of Chinese descent live in a 100-year-old community in Betong district, Yala province. Their ancestors came from the Hakka ethnic group. This old community was named an OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) village, which has been promoted to attract tourist arrivals.

The OTOP village of the Hakka way of life is located only four kilometers from the Betong District Office. Local residents are engaged mainly in rubber planting, fruit growing, and business operation.

The group of Thais of Hakka origin in Betong have still preserved their culture and identity, especially the art of cooking. The new check-in point in this community is an ancient house of 150 years old. This old house reflects distinctive architectural features and it has been developed as a museum and cultural tourist site.

The Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center has provided financial support for the development of this cultural attraction. In 2020, the 150-year-old house was redecorated, so that it would become a new check-in venue for the OTOP village of the Hakka way of life.

Betong is a major tourist city in the southernmost region of Thailand, with several famous tourist attractions. Under the \"Triangle of Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability project, this town is being developed as a model sustainable development city.

Betong is rich in natural resources and is recognized for its high degree of multiculturalism. It reflects a harmonious mixture of Buddhist, Muslim, and Chinese cultures, as evident in its local way of living and cuisine. This has made Betong distinctive, turning it into a place of enchantment in the deep South.

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