Prime Minister Gives Policy Briefing on Forest Fires in the North (25/09/2020)

Cabinet Approves Long-Weekend Holidays to Stimulate the Economy (24/09/2020)

Thailand Adjusts Its National Development Plan to Cope with the New Normal (22/09/2020)

Prime Minister Speaks about COVID-19 Global Resurgence (20/09/2020)

Service Life of Taxis to Be Extended from 9 to 12 Years (20/09/2020)

People Urged to Keep Guard up against Second Wave of COVID-19 (18/09/2020)

Special Tourist Visa for Long-Stay Visitors (15/09/2020)

The Destruction Ceremony of Intellectual Property Rights Infringing Goods (14/09/2020)

Draft Bill for National Referendum on Constitutional Amendments (13/09/2020)

Upgrading the Standards of Rubber Inner Tubes for Motorcycles and Mopeds (13/09/2020)

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