Thailand Reaffirms 70-Year Partnership with the World Bank (23/10/2020)

Thailand Supports Myanmar in Strengthening Response to COVID-19 (17/10/2020)

Thailand Urges Japan to Cooperate Further on Projects with ASEAN Centers (16/10/2020)

Thailand Highlights the Importance of UHC in Fostering Health Security (10/10/2020)

Thai Candidate for AALCO Secretary-General Vows to Make AALCO More Robust (06/10/2020)

Thailand and Cambodia Join Hands in Mitigating Impacts from COVID-19 (05/10/2020)

Thailand's Role in Promoting the Participation of Women and Gender Equality (02/10/2020)

Statement by Prime Minister at the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity (01/10/2020)

Thailand Stresses the Importance of Promoting Peace in Mekong Subregion (29/09/2020)

Thailand Reaffirms Its Commitment to Support UN Agendas (26/09/2020)

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