Thailand-Malaysia @60: A Concert of Harmony (24/07/2017)

Press Briefing and Study Tour:“Sustainable Life under the Shade of Royally Initiated Projects” (20/06/2017)

Thailand 4.0 Moving toward Becoming the Regional Food Innovation Hub (04/04/2017)

“National Strategy and Reform” (17/03/2017)

“Thailand 4.0: Toward Value - Based Economy” (03/10/2016)

Seminar on “Industries for the Development of the Economic Zones along the Eastern Seaboard” (08/08/2016)

Seminar on Community Life under H.M King Bhumibol’s Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in Bangkok (15/03/2016)

To Observe Agriculture, Culture, and Trade in the Northeast (04/08/2015)

Foreign Press Tour to Observe Water Resource Management of Chai Nat and Nakhon Sawan (18/05/2015)

Foreign Press Tour to Observe the Southern Situation 2015 (15/05/2015)

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