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Media Content Exchange 2021
100 tonnes of lychees to be exported to Australia in coming days (15/06/2021)
Teleconference boosts lychee exports to demanding markets (15/06/2021)
Vietnam to ink Pfizer/BioNTech deal for COVID-19 vaccine supply (15/06/2021)
Vietnam makes safety a priority as it steps up COVID-19 vaccination (15/06/2021)
Bac Giang exports 15 tonnes of lychees to Japan (15/06/2021)
Domestic firms urged to accelerate digital transformation process (22/02/2021)
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Synchronous solutions required to reach GDP growth target of 7.5% in 2021 (22/02/2021)
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Vietnamese community in Thailand receive support amid COVID-19 fight (22/02/2021)
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Thai investors keen on future business opportunities in Vietnam (22/02/2021)
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