Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin Delivers Policy Statement in Parliament

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin delivered the policy statement of the Council of Ministers in the National Assembly on 11 September 2023, saying that the Government is determined to create unity and harmonization in Thai society, which will lead to cooperation in economic and social development for the advancement of the country and happiness of all Thai people.

The Prime Minister stated that his administration has a policy to protect the institution of monarchy and promote religious institutions as a mechanism to strengthen morality and ethics. In short-term urgent policies, the Government needs to stimulate spending and ease the people’s immediate problems. In medium and long-term policies, it will increase the capability of the people by generating more income, reducing expenses, creating greater opportunities, minimizing disparities, and improving their quality of life.

The Government’s policy on the 10,000-baht money handout through the digital wallet program will be implemented to help revive the economy extensively and equitably. It will stimulate spending, generate employment for the people, and enable the business sector to expand investments and produce more.

The Prime Minister explained that the policy would lay the foundation of digital economy for the country, create new opportunities for the people, and open up new funding sources for the business sector, as well as ensuring efficiency and transparency.

The Government also has several urgent policies to tackle people’s issues and help them. The first one is to ease debt problems in the agricultural, business, and people’s sectors through a debt moratorium for farmers and SMEs, and other debt relief measures that do not go against fiscal discipline or cause any moral hazard.

In the second urgent policy, the Government will reduce energy costs for the people by adjusting electricity, fuel oil, and cooking gas prices at a manageable level, restructuring the nation’s energy consumption, and promoting clean and renewable energy, among others.

In the third urgent policy, the Government will generate more tourism revenue by revising and facilitating the visa application process and exempting visa fees for tourists from target countries, and introducing “Fast Track VISA” for MICE participants, as well as improving transport systems and airports.

The fourth urgent policy seeks to address differences in opinions with regard to the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, B.E. 2560 (2017), and to discuss guidelines for rewriting the constitution in Parliament, so that the country will be able to move forward with stability.

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