Innovation Projects Necessary for Southern Border Provinces Development

The National Innovation Agency (Public Organization), or NIA, has conducted a study to discover innovation projects that will advance the development of the southern border provinces in order to upgrade local people’s quality of life on a sustainable basis.

In so doing, it has held discussions with members of three major groups that play an important role in setting strategies for local development of the deep South. They include government agencies, the business sector, and educational institutions. 

Results of discussions will be used to work out a plan to develop innovation projects connecting with local business operations, so that the development of the southern border provinces will achieve its aims and will also expand its network covering both the public and private sectors.

The NIA discussed the issue of innovation projects in a meeting with the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center (SBPAC) on 9 May 2023, with the participation of representatives from relevant agencies and Prince of Songkla University.

SBPAC Deputy Secretary-General Chanathan Saengphum told the meeting that innovation projects in the deep South should help promote agriculture, such as rubber planting, and increase value for fruit processing, such as prolonging the fruit life of longgong.

Mr. Chanathan said that the projects should also involve food production for children with poor nutrition, the production of seeds that can be easily grown in all areas, the production of creative media, and the selection of capable persons to improve the standard of local personnel.

The NIA explained that the southern border provinces had been designated as a special development zone. The potential of local entrepreneurs will be enhanced, with the use of science, technology, and innovation to help develop their business operations. Various activities have been launched since 2018 to push for the rapid and sustainable growth of local businesses.

For instance, innovation management training programs have been arranged for local entrepreneurs, who have been provided with business opportunities with creativity and innovation, especially for local products that reflect the identities of the deep South.

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