Government Strives to Increase Per Capita Income in the Deep South

The Government is joining hands with the Thai Chamber of Commerce in upgrading the local economy and increasing the per capita income of the southern border provinces, as well as carrying out development to improve local people’s quality of life.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek stated that also participating in the project to move the local economy of the deep South forward were the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, and other relevant agencies.

The Thai Chamber of Commerce serves as the advisor to facilitate the operations of the networks in the public and private sectors, educational institutions, and the general public. Apart from increasing the Gross Provincial Product and reducing household poverty within the next four years, the project also aims to enhance the competitiveness of the deep South.

Another objective is to develop the local economy on a sustainable basis in three major areas, namely (1) trade and investment, (2) agriculture and food, and (3) tourism and services.

Moreover, the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center plans to work out new development strategies for the southern border provinces, linking the local economy with economic development in the subregion, such as the connections of production in the Halal Economic Corridor in the deep South.

The new development strategies also include the concept of developing the cities that specialize in fruit and livestock development in order to upgrade the halal food industry, under the “Food Innopolis” program, and to prepare for the opening of a new economic zone connecting Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as the development of the Thai-Malaysian border under the Twin City policy.

Ms. Rachada said that the Government attaches great importance to the development of southern border provinces. It has also upheld King Rama IX’s royal advice to “understand, reach out, and develop” as the central strategy for tackling problems in the deep South.

In addition, the Government has cooperated with various organizations in developing the local economy and improving the people’s quality of life for lasting peace in the deep South of Thailand.


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