Upgrading Health System on Lipe Island in Satun to Ensure Tourist Safety

The Ministry of Public Health has been developing the health system on Lipe Island, or Ko Lipe, in the southern border province of Satun, in response to the Government’s policy of ensuring the safety of tourists traveling in the deep South.

Minister of Public Health Cholnan Srikaew on 9 March 2024 visited Satun Province to follow up on health development for tourism promotion and open a new building of the Ban Ko Lipe Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital.

Mr. Cholnan said that, as the Government attaches great importance to tourism promotion in driving the country’s economy, the Ministry of Public Health regards health development at tourist destinations as an urgent policy in order to create confidence in health safety among tourists.

In so doing, he said, emphasis is placed on four major measures, namely (1) prevention of diseases and health hazards, (2) development of emergency medical and health services, (3) upgrading safe food and accommodation, and (4) improving health establishments in tourist destinations.

He said that Ko Lipe in Satun has great potential for tourism. The island welcomes up to one million visitors each year. Apart from two private clinics, the Ban Ko Lipe Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital, operated by the Ministry of Public Health, provides health services for local residents and tourists.

The Government had allocated 80.7 million baht for constructing the new building of this hospital to accommodate international tourism in Satun. The telemedicine system has also been adopted to enhance the efficiency in taking care of patients.

The Ban Ko Lipe Subdistrict Health Promotion Hospital also has an Advanced Life Support Unit that can transfer patients for further treatment at Satun Hospital and other hospitals by sea and by air, under high safety standards. A number of volunteer doctors have also come to this hospital to take turns providing medical services for local people and tourists.

Ko Lipe is famous for natural scenery, the coral surrounding the island, beautiful bays, and soft, sandy beaches. The island is on the border of the Tarutao Marine National Park, which is recognized as one of the ASEAN Heritage Parks and Reserves.

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